Facilities and Equipment  
Facilities and Equipment

Keyhan industrial group by taking advantage of the best specialists in production and providing appropriate production processes for each piece and using the most modern CNC machines is a high quality products creator and is accepted by global market. General milling machines of keyhan industrial group was made by ENGELHARD (Germany company) with oblique and flat substrates, the high speed of spindle rotation, which they are among the high speed machines and it also has high speed of movement in axes that this would increase the quality and decrease production time and will result in increase production and reduce costs.

* Unites in keyhan industrial group:

-         *  Engineering unit

-          * Production unit

-          * Department of technology and tools

-          * Quality control unit

-          * Business unit

Introducing the production processes:

-          * CNC milling machines

-          * Machines for ball joint body milling(index)

-          * Surface tempering machines

-          * Rolling and burnishing devices

-         *  Assembly line of hydraulic and newmatic mangle of ball joint rivets.


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